You know what you’re talking about. And your clients, your friends, and your colleagues trust your advice.

But online things seem different. How can you show you’re competent and credible?

You may feel like getting trust online from potential clients is difficult. But if you write right, it doesn’t need to be.

The key is to remember that you have to BUILD trust online. It isn’t automatic.

The philosopher Aristotle wrote there are three different ways of appealing to your audience.

You need to consider logic and emotion.

A lot of business writing uses one or both of these, but there is a third way of appealing to your audience which is often overlooked.

And this is in a lot of ways the most important.

If you make sure you have credibility you can really directly speak to your audience so they can establish trust and respect for you and then take action.

Audiences consider the advertising information they receive and they looked at what the source of the account is as well.

Think about it – would you prefer to purchase a product or service recommended by a reliable friend or a stranger you know nothing about.

You can be as emotional as you want and factual as you want.

But unless your target market believes you and trusts you are credible it won’t work.

There are three keys you need to remember when you are building trust.

First you need to create and share content your audience will love and find useful.

This enables you to develop a relationship with your audience as it demonstrates you genuinely care about them.

Then you are able to establish credibility.

Here is a step by step guide to do this and build your reputation.

Give Your Audience Integrity With Your Trustworthy Writing

Take a look at the following so you can give your audience value:

What are your skills?

How can you share your experience to help others?

Here are some ways to blow your potential clients and customers socks off when it comes to your website content!

Stand out from the crowd – nobody likes someone who copies other stuff.

Make sure you make your mission clear – what are you trying to achieve with your business?

Be unique and always have an opinion – You can’t be afraid to make a stand. It may alienate some people but it will also draw out your real fans.

Keep producing useful content – create e-books, a whitepaper, material that your audience can use and enjoy.

Tell stories – remember when you were a kid you loved a good story? Well guess what that never leaves you! Or your audience. And I bet you can still remember those stories. So make yourself and your business memorable.

Create and share content that solves problems – everyone loves a bit of help. So help to solve the problems of your audience with your content.

Create your own tribe – then you can get your fans to spread spread your ideas for you.

Quotations are fab – show you have got knowledge – always make sure you acknowledge who you’ve learnt from.

Demonstrate your results – make sure you have testimonials which demonstrate how good you are

Give away free content – blog posts, podcasts, Facebook Lives, this all helps to add value.

Go further than their expectations – if you over deliver, it helps to build trust.

Write guest posts – this can really help to build an authority with your audience.

Don’t sell all the time – this is the worst thing you can do! No one wants to feel they are having stuff pushed on them all the time.

How To Demonstrate Integrity In Your Writing

If you want to build trust, people need to know you’re sincere.

Interact with your audience. Social media is a great way to do this.

Here are some ways you can make this happen.

Always be interested – if you’re self-centered then it will turn off your audience.

Be authentic – people can smell fake a mile off. You will be quickly exposed.

Understand your clients on your platform – watch how they intract and what they want.

Be genuine – this demonstrates how much you care.

Build relationships with your audience – if you ask questions and answer their queries it will be appreciated. And always say thank you.

Be real – this will help build relationships.

Use familiar language – you want to sound highbrow. But your audience won’t get it.

Be conversational – people love to read as if they are talking to someone.

Give credit where credit is due – you wouldn’t like it if someone stole your product or service. So don’t steal other people’s written content. Always quote.

Start an email list – this helps you to speak to your audience more intimately and builds more trust.

Promote others – not because you expect something in return, but because you like what they say and do.

Be seen and be familiar – always try and be visible. And make sure you are consistent. Because familiarity breeds trust. Use the same picture on all your social networks.

Accept responsibility. If you have made a mistake, acknowledge and apologize when you have to.

How To Make Sure You Are Credible With Your Content

How do people know you are who you say you are? Does your website suggest you are trustworthy? Do you have a voice of authority?

Avoid making grammatical mistakes – always check your material – it can make you look foolish if there are errors. But also remember, people also know no one is perfect!

Write tight – don’t use cliches or use poor editing. Study copywriting and how to create strong online content. Create strong headlines. If you are reading this then you are on the right track!

Use a professional headshot – this makes you look businesslike.

Use symbols of trust – if you have security shields, authorized badges, and seals of approval this makes you look stronger.

How To Gain A Loyal Following With Your Content

 To build trust, you have to create an experience which builds confidence.

So if you are credible and helpful, you will be able to gain a loyal following.

If you always try and exceed expectations you will see rich rewards with your business growth online.

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