2-Hour Brand Message Review/Update


Learn How to Speak Your Clients’ Love Language in Just Two Hours



What is Brand Strategy and why do you need my services to develop/enhance yours?

It’s when you look at what makes you tick. What are the personality and unique selling points of your brand?

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What are your values?

How can you set yourself apart from your competitors so your audience gets your mission, vision, and core values?

And how does this reflect in your copy, your social media, your emails, and all the words you use in your copy?

If your words speak to someone’s deepest desires, then you have a fan for life.

My 2-hour brand message update enables you to get an overview of exactly what your love language is so your audience connect, engage and purchase.

The Brand Message Update Includes

  • Overview of up to three web pages/URLs broken down so you can make changes to your copy and see immediate results.
  • Clarification and assessment of your key statement and core values
  • Analysis of your language to see the gaps between you and your audience and make that change.
  • Avatar/ Specific client research so you can tune in to your customer’s needs and wants.