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It’s all about sharing our love for web copywriting  with you…

If you have taken the time to check out my website, I really want you to feel it wasn’t a wasted journey. So here are some special offers and packages on web copywriting, blogs, email sequences, and more. They’re designed just for you and will enable you to make your business better and more brilliant!

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Media Content Brand Message Audit for Your Business

When you are the business owner, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. You are so caught up in your mission, your service, your product, or where you are going. You can forget to look at how you can tell everyone else about it. And let’s not get started on all those different channels you need to be on. But when you start speaking your client’s language, your words can turn to gold!

Take advantage of this FREE media content brand message audit. It will really help your web copywriting, SEO and more!

It will enable you to get a 360-degree view of how to monetize your online and social media content so concerns over new customers become a thing of the past.

Was $500 USD


How To Communicate In A Crisis – Your Web Copywriting and Marketing  Guide FREE

Do you need ideas on how you can keep moving forward and keep customers engaged EVEN if your doors are shut?

Here is your step by step guide on how to communicate directly to your audience so they support you when you need to pivot.

You get the in-depth knowledge you need on how to develop an ‘evergreen’ crisis plan so you’re never caught off guard again. So you can turn what might seem like the end of your business into an exciting new beginning.


Mastering Social Media: A Beginners Guide / Mini Course

Become Brilliant At Your Social Media And Learn How To Skyrocket Your Sales The Easy Way With This Step By Step Guide.

You may be the independent type, and just want to dig deep and get this done on your own at your own pace. Or you are starting out, bootstrapping and you just want some excellent guidance and advice from an expert. You may also be strapped for time and are juggling a number of balls to keep your business train moving.

Here is the perfect option for you to get to grips with the social and grow at your own pace.

What You’ll Learn
Social Media 101: How to use social media successfully for your business and sell your service

  • Learn the social media skills you need from scratch
  • Understand how to create ads on Facebook, Linked In and Instagram with a step-by-step guide
  • Discover tried and tested techniques to achieve growth and boost your following
  • Increase your clients for your business through the power of social media
  • Two hours of teaching in bite size lectures with worksheets you can download and keep forever.


  • As long as you have an Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn business page you are fine!
Was $69.99 USD

Now $29.99 USD

21 Tips and Tricks on How To Be Awesome at Social Media Business Marketing

Learn how to tweet your way to a bigger business and what can make your Instagram stand out from the rest. This E-book will arm you with an awesome arsenal of techniques which will enable you to bust through your social media business fears. Covering Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn, your competition will be eating your dust before they even have time to schedule a post.

Was $9.99 USD

Now $3.99 USD

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